Islamic Cooperation Development Bank Scholarship

Islamic Cooperation Development Bank Scholarship

The Islamic Cooperation Development Bank Scholarship was launched in 1983 with the aim of providing educational opportunities for academically distinguished students from the member countries of the Islamic Development Bank and Muslim communities in non-member countries;

To pursue university studies to obtain a bachelor’s degree and train them in specific fields in order to improve their social and economic conditions and contribute to the development of their societies and countries.

The Islamic Development Bank Scholarship Program is more than just a scholarship program in the traditional sense of Direct Financial Assistance to Outstanding and Qualified Students.

It is also a tool for improving the social and economic conditions of the member countries and Muslim societies. It is basically a scholarship program and a development program at the same time,

The scholarship is offered as an interest-free loan (good loan) to students and as a grant to their communities / countries to which they belong.

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Place of study on the Islamic Development Bank Scholarship

In keeping with the concept of the program, admission is the responsibility of the student alone.

Selected students must obtain admission from one of the top 10 government / public universities in their countries. at the same time ,

For some students who were unable to secure admission in their home countries,

Due to any unavoidable situation, the Islamic Development Bank may seek admission to member states that have an agreement with the Islamic Development Bank.

The final decision to admit any student under these agreements is subject to admission to the respective universities in these countries.

Scholarship Details:

Host country: There are several countries hosting the scholarship.
–  Level of study:  Bachelor – Master – PhD – post-doctoral research programs.
Financial financing:  fully funded.
Application deadline:  February 28, 2021

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Eligibility Criteria:

The program is open to students of academic merit who have a strong desire to engage in social services and community development upon graduation. And the candidates to make sure they meet all program criteria listed below should not only be considered in their applications:       

  • Must be a citizen of any of the IsDB member countries or Muslim communities in non-member countries.
  • The applicant must be from non-member countries a Muslim.
  • Must have a high school diploma or enrolled in one of the top 10 public universities in his country.
  •  He must have obtained at least 70% of the final cumulative GPA in the high school diploma.
  •  A field of study must be chosen within the approved specializations for the program.
  • Evidence of language proficiency must be provided in the language of study. (optional)
  • A certified translation in English or French must be submitted for all documents if the original is in another language.
  • The candidate must not be in possession of any other scholarship at the time of application and during the study.
  • He must be medically fit and ready to undergo post-selection medical examinations.

fields of study

An applicant for a bachelor’s degree scholarship must choose one of the fields of study shown in the left column in the following table:

fields of study Potential postgraduate majors
Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical Laboratories, Microbiology, Public Health, Nutrition, Health Services Administration, Biomedicine, Medical Technology, Veterinary Medicine, Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology. the health
Engineering: civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical, surveying and urban planning Sustainable cities

Innovation and infrastructure development

Waste management

Agriculture and forestry Sustainable agriculture
Industrial technologies Plastic pollution and microplastics

Green chemistry

Responsible growth

Physics and Geology energy
Computer science, information and communication technology, and electronics Information and Communication Technology for Development
Natural Resources and Marine Sciences Biodiversity

Climate change

Water and hygiene

Law, Media, Journalism, Political Science, Entrepreneurship and Commerce Social sciences related to development
Economics Economics, Finance and Islamic Banking
Statistics, demographic econometrics, and social studies Population growth
Education, Psychology, Learning, Education Policy and International Development Education

Education for sustainable development

Benefits and facilities:

 The program covers the following elements:

  • A monthly scholarship proportional to the cost of living in the country of study.
  • Tuition fees, if any, are subject to Islamic Development Bank approval.
  • The cost of medical treatment in a university or government hospital.
  • Round-trip airline tickets in economy class (once upon enrollment in the program and upon completion of studies) and a settlement allowance for students selected to study abroad in universities and partner countries.

Islamic Development Bank Scholarships Results:

The Islamic Development Bank announced the start of registration for the scholarship and submitting applications.

Registration will be available from December to February each year. The results of the Islamic Development Bank scholarships will be issued after the committees’ meeting between June and August of each year, in addition to the registration of students in universities between August and September.


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