Saudi government scholarship for undergraduate studies

Saudi government scholarship for undergraduate studies: –

The Saudi government scholarship for undergraduate studies is a scholarship provided by the Saudi government to study for bachelor’s in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the scholarship is fully funded and offers many advantages

Application deadline 1/31/2021 The application opens every year

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Saudi government scholarship: –

The government in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers scholarships every year to excellent students from different countries of the world.

This is in line with the increasing interest given by the Kingdom and its support for the spread of knowledge and scientific research,

As part of its multiple contributions to the world of large-scale scientific and cultural communication

Funding provided in the Saudi government scholarship

  • Health care for the student and his family members residing with him in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Residence
  • Annual travel tickets
  • Financial stipends during the study period and upon graduation
  • All the privileges that Saudi students enjoy within the same institution.
  • A supervisory unit within the educational institution that provides scholarship students with the necessary services.
  • Scientific, cultural, social and media programs
  • Provide the necessary support from the teaching staff, guidance and advice
  • Material and financial incentives.

King Saud University Scholarships: –

The work of the Scholarships Unit is focused on organizing the application and admission process for scholarship applicants for postgraduate programs at King Saud University.

The unit works to receive the submitted applications and nominations for the academic departments and follows up the admission procedures in coordination with the Ministry of Education.

Where the unit’s tasks are as follows:

  • Clarify the terms of the scholarships and follow up the procedures for accepting scholarship students with the relevant authorities.
  • Preparing acceptance notices for scholarship students (internal, external and fixed) and sending them electronically by e-mail with instructions for students attached.
  • Enter and upload the data of scholarship students (internal, external and fixed) who are finally accepted to the scholarship portal at the Ministry of Higher Education after they have achieved all the conditions for admission.
  • Request visas for students who have obtained an external or internal grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and follow up on its issuance.
  • Preparing a boarding order for each male / female student in preparation for approval by the Dean of Graduate Studies, and then sending it to the airline company to obtain the ticket.
  • Providing the Department of Scholarships and Care for International Students at the Deanship of Student Affairs with the arrival time of the students, a copy of the visa, passport and a personal photo of those accepted to receive them at the airport.
  • Establishing a database of non-Saudi scholarship students, old and new, and updating it on an ongoing basis.
  • Contributing to the organization of a regular annual meeting for scholarship students.

Conditions for applying for the Saudi government scholarship: –

  • Obtaining a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • The age of the applicant or the applicant must not be less than (17) years and not more than (25) years.
  • Not obtaining another scholarship from a Saudi educational institution.
  • Authentication of certificates and identity papers from the official authorities in the applicant’s country and the approval of the Saudi Cultural Attaché.
  • He must be with the applicant forbidden in accordance with the instructions regulating this, provided that he is covered by a grant, has a regular residence, or is on the register of an employer in need of his services.
  • To pass the medical examination approved in the Kingdom.

Specializations  available to apply for the King Saud University Scholarship: –

 Study majors can be viewed by choosing any number of the following determinants: the type of high school diploma track or its equivalent, the semester, the type of study and the college, or choosing all in all of them to show all specializations

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