Advantages of studying in Russia

Advantages of studying in Russia

What are the advantages of studying in Russia? You may ask yourself this question after hearing from many students that they are studying in Russia. In fact, studying in Russia is characterized by many advantages that cannot be summarized or mentioned quickly. Russia is interested in studying a lot and the Russian state is interested in the quality of universities and the quality of education The higher and one of the best sources of income for the Russian state is the students who come from abroad to study in it. That is why the Russian government is very interested in providing a lot of advantages to study in Russia and facilities in order to attract more foreign students. In what follows we will get to know together about the advantages of studying in Russia

Why study in Russia on my account, and what are the advantages of studying in Russia?

Studying in Russia is distinguished by an excellent university system

Studying in Russia will give you strong and in-depth information in any field you will study, but Russia is well known in the fields of physics, mathematics, science, and engineering.

The position of Russian universities in the world university rankings proves this. You will find Russian universities in the QS World Ranking and also in the Times World University Ranking. Russia offers a wide choice of universities and majors.

International students can choose from more than 766 Russian universities, and these universities are spread across Russia. Russian universities also offer more than 200 fields of study and more than 700 majors for bachelors, masters and doctorates.

Studying in Russia is distinguished by the opportunity to learn the Russian language

The number of Russian speakers is about 260 million people around the world, and there are constantly people learning the Russian language, whether students or people want to live in Russia.

Russian universities also offer many programs to learn the Russian language, such as courses, summer schools, and distance education. In university preparatory courses, the student will study the Russian language for one year. Some universities offer Russian language courses for free to their students.

There are also many majors taught in English in Russia

 The opportunity to study in a major grants Dual Diplomas

In 2003, Russia signed the Bologna Declaration, assuming a number of obligations in the framework of creating a common educational space for member states. As the certificates issued by Russian universities are recognized in most countries of the world. This procedure facilitates Russian intergovernmental agreements with more than 60 countries, including with Finland, Spain, Cuba, India, Vietnam, China, Venezuela and Namibia. In June 2015, such a document was signed with France. October and November 2016 – with Cyprus and Malta, and in May 2019 – with Uzbekistan. In addition, many Russian universities implement joint programs with foreign universities, which give graduates two university degrees, and this means that a student who studied in Russia can obtain a Russian university degree, for example, a university degree at a European university as well.

Studying in Russia has the distinction of offering students the opportunity to get a scholarship

Russia is one of the few countries that offer the possibility of free education for foreigners. Every year, the Russian government allocates several thousand government-funded study seats at Russian universities to foreign citizens (in 2020, 15,000 seats were allocated). In addition, some categories of foreigners, including citizens, can have government-funded seats outside the quota on a par with Russian citizens. Another possibility is to participate in university academic competitions, where the winners and honorees are given privileges when joining the leading Russian universities. The possibility of learning the Russian language The Russian language is spoken by more than 260 million inhabitants of the planet, and about 10.5 million foreigners learn the Russian language continuously. Russian universities offer various programs for studying the Russian language – courses, summer courses, and the distance learning system.

Obtaining student benefits in Russia

In Russia, the student gets many advantages, foremost of which are discounts in public transport services, visits to museums, libraries, theaters, and any public place or place of entertainment.

Student life in Russian is very enjoyable and full of activities in many fields, whether in sports, entertainment, volunteer activities, student competitions and many more.

Students can also take advantage of the holidays to break out in Russia and visit the most famous tourist attractions in Russia. More than 30 places in Russia are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. We cannot fail to mention the Kremlin and Red Square here.

Advantages of studying in Russia – providing comfortable student accommodation

The universities and university housing are comfortable and equipped. The level of Russian universities has long been no less than that of many Western universities in terms of equipping educational complexes. The high level of technical equipment for laboratories, research centers and school buildings is the reality of everyday student life. Also, most Russian universities have their own university accommodation, which has very low accommodation costs.

Studying in Russia is characterized by low costs

On average, a student needs from 300 to 400 $ per month to live in Russia, and from 3000 to 4000 $ is the cost of the academic year (September-June). For the first period, it is better to carry around $ 300-400 to cover additional expenses such as health insurance, housing in an apartment or university housing (buying utensils, bedding and detergents), as well as purchasing some school books. The depreciation of the ruble exchange against global currencies is in the interest of foreigners because their expenditures are reduced when converted into dollars and thus it will be cheaper to pay for the costs of education and living in the country. When choosing the city of study, please bear in mind that the highest price level is in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, while in other regions the expenses will be lower. Basic Tuition Expenses The cost of studying in Russian universities ranges from 122 500 to 880,000 rubles ($ 1750-12570) per year, depending on the region, university and major.

Housing prices in Russia

Housing Housing rental prices for students in Russia range from 500 to 35,000 rubles ($ 7-500) per month depending on region, type and place of residence (university housing, rented room or apartment).

The cost of food in Russia

Food cost According to official data, the minimum price for a basket of products (including bread, pasta, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, milk and sugar) in Russia costs 4,209 rubles ($ 60) per month. The cost may vary depending on the region where you can buy the products (at convenience store, supermarket, or market). The average price for a lunch bill in Moscow cafes and restaurants ranges from 800 to 2000 rubles ($ 11-28), while a business lunch costs 270-420 rubles ($ 4-6). Prices in fast food restaurants are somewhat lower.

Cellular communications, the internet sold segments

Cellular communications, the Internet Cell phones and tablets are sold in telecom stores (do not buy them from street vendors). To purchase, you must have your passport (with registration at the place of residence) and a migration card. The call shop staff will help you choose the best price (call and SMS cost, mobile internet amount, etc.). The cost of a standard package of services ranges from 300 to 400 rubles ($ 4-6). When purchasing a SIM card, the amount is sent to the phone account and the balance should be filled later according to your tariff plan.

Clothing prices in Russia

Clothes In Russia, there are many stores with famous brands, including international and Russian. The price level for clothes is generally higher than in Europe, but on sale days you can always find good quality and inexpensive clothes. You can find a T-shirt for 500 rubles ($ 7) or jeans for 1,500 rubles ($ 21).


Approximate monthly expenses for a student for a student in Russia

  1. University housing 5,000 rubles ($ 71)
  2. Food 10,000 rubles ($ 143)
  3. Transportation 405 rubles ($ 6)
  4. Internet, phone 800 rubles ($ 11)
  5. Culture, sports, entertainment 4,000 rubles ($ 57)
  6. TOTAL: 20205 WBL ($ 289)

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