Study in Turkey

Study in Turkey

Do you want to get quality education with the cheapest price to study and get a certificate recognized in most countries of the world? The answer to this question is that the appropriate country in order to complete your education in it is Turkey, and we will learn together why you continue your studies in Turkey and why study in Turkey is considered The best percentage of Arab students, and it comes in second place, studying in Russia 

Advantages of studying in Turkey

All Turkish cities have universities and colleges thanks to the increase in the number of universities from 76 universities 10 years ago to 146. The number of university students reached 3 million and 107 thousand students in 2010, while the number of students was 2 million and 949 in the past, and the number of university teaching staff is about 77,100 thousand .

It is reported that 6 Turkish universities have been selected among the top 500 universities in the world, in addition to the rest of them occupying prestigious international ranks.

Studying in Turkey has many other advantages, such as

Study in Turkey and ease of adaptation

One of the most important advantages of studying in Turkey is the ease of adaptation and that the student does not feel alienated, especially Arab students. Turkey is one of the Islamic countries whose history is closely linked to the history of the Arabs. When you go to Turkey in order to complete the study, you will never feel alienated, you will find people who have all the customs and traditions We live in our Arab countries, but with minor differences that cannot be affected. You will feel that you are in your mother country. The only difference that you will notice is the difference in language.

Study in Turkey at public universities in Turkey

Public universities in Turkey are considered among the best universities in the world, and many of them occupy advanced positions in terms of global and local rankings, such as: Istanbul University, Middle East Technical University, and Istanbul Technic University.

In the process of selecting them from among international students, public universities depend on the trade-offs by choosing the best among the applicants according to the required conditions, as many universities rely strongly on the aptitude test (YOS) or the American SAT test of all kinds, whether the first or second system, or the comparison between applicants And choosing the best among them according to their high school averages (the baccalaureate), bearing in mind that each public university has its own separate conditions for admission and trade-offs among students.

Study in Turkey university admission القبول

The conditions for admission to Turkish public universities for admission are a little more difficult than for private universities, but there are good admission opportunities for students who meet the requirements.. For example, the student’s age cannot exceed 21 years to apply for a bachelor’s level and 30 years to apply for a master’s level .. and certificates play The additional study played an important role in increasing and ensuring admission to most public universities that depend on the differentiation system to accept students.

It is worth noting that there are many public universities that do not require the foreign students test “YOS” for admission, which gives an opportunity for outstanding students to obtain admission without additional certificates.

Also, many public universities do not require a specific age to apply

For inquiries and registration in public universities, please fill out the following form:  Study Abroad Application Form

Study in Turkey university fees

The cost of studying in Turkey in public universities ranges between 300 and 500 dollars on average for most specialties (with the exception of human medicine and dentistry specializations, which reach $4,000 in some universities)

Study in Turkey with international recognition

The degrees and certificates granted by Turkish universities are recognized in most parts of the world, and you can find more information about the recognition of Turkish degrees and certificates by consulting the competent educational authorities in your country.


Study in Turkey Campus

The university campuses include advanced libraries and laboratories where you can conduct research and study in order to access various aspects of information. You will also enjoy being a student in Turkey through sports, cultural facilities, clubs and various entertainment facilities.

life in Turkey

Turkey provides students with a comfortable and welcoming environment, and many universities offer their advisory services to help foreign students adapt to life in Turkey.

You find that university fees and cost of living in Turkey are cheaper and lower than most European countries and the USA. The study environment in Turkey also provides you with the opportunity to go through both modern and traditional experiences under one roof in a safer and more stable country, in addition to the fact that the language of study in some Turkish universities is English and giving others the opportunity to learn English within it, and most importantly of all, The superior quality of study will prepare you for a bright future.


Study in Turkey housing

Most Turkish universities have the possibility to provide housing of all kinds. There are student housing owned by each university separately, as well as the role of students. There is another alternative to housing, especially in major cities, which is renting apartments and houses in partnership with other students.

University housing is available for students, the fees of which vary according to the type of room and number of individuals, as well as meals. External housing is also available, and the average rent for the apartment is 500 TL.


 Study in Turkey Food

Universities mostly provide proper proper good eating services as in universities and campuses are other options for food outside the university that is attributed to the body and food for yourself if you have a desire for it.

The foods you eat may vary on average, the food can be eaten on average 70 lira, per day, maybe the food rises from a person, the food may differ from the food. etc.

Study in Turkish Transportation

Public transportation is available throughout the bus and subway route. All students are entitled to special tariffs.

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